Office Applications

Helios transforms ordinary work and storage surfaces into wireless charging centers. From laptop computers to cellular phones to power tools.


Reduces the risk of electrical shock by eliminating electrical outlets and exposed metal connectors between the charging surface and the Helios device.

Protects electronics from electrical surges.


Eliminates the jumble of power cords and portable charging devices. Charges multiple devices regardless of voltage. Accepts low-, medium-, and high-power electronics.

Supports wireless data transfer at rates up to 1.1 Mbps.


Transfers power at rates up to 98% (comparable to traditional power sources) and reduces energy being wasted through inefficient chargers.

Supplies only the necessary power needed to fuel electronics. Once a maximum charge is reached, the technology shuts off and LED indicator lights denote a full charge.

Helios Wireless Chargers for Office, Residential, and Public Areas

Designed to be an embedded solution for transforming ordinary surfaces into wireless charging zones. Wirelessly charges any Qi-certified devices that require 5 watts or less. Intelligent charging delivers the required amount of power by communicating to the device and stops charging when the device has completed its charging cycle.

Low-Profile Helios Wireless Charger:
Dimensions: .69" H x 3.38" W x 4.50" L
Owner's Manual
Puck Helios Wireless Charger:
Dimensions: 3" Dia. x 1.1" H
Standard Helios Wireless Charger:
Dimensions: 1.31" H x 2.75" W x 2.75" L