How Helios Works

Helios uses inductive coupling to transfer energy from Leggett & Platt’s surfaces to any compatible device, eliminating the need for power cords and battery chargers. With wireless charging technology, there's no on or off switch. When a charging-enabled area of the product comes into contact with the charging zone, the technology recognizes the product, interprets its power needs, and immediately begins to transfer energy.

Copper coils are strategically placed within the charging surface and the device. These coils determine not only the device’s power needs, but also the battery life and charging cycles. Intelligent, two-way communication keeps these devices running at peak efficiency without compromising the life of the battery or the life of the device.

There are many benefits to cutting the cord, but three primary factors stand out:

  • Efficient: Transfers power with a rate greater than 90% efficiency, making it comparable to traditional hard-wired charging.
  • Safe: No exposed cords or contacts between charging surface and product.
  • Convenient: Eliminates need for corded chargers and adaptors. Keeps items charged on the jobsite or at home.