Helios-Enabled Furniture

Leggett & Platt’s Helios™ enables ordinary work surfaces to be transformed into wireless charging stations, eliminating the need for power cords and battery chargers around the home.

This two-way communication determines not only a device’s power needs, but also its battery life and charging lifecycles, keeping devices running at peak efficiency.

The practical benefits behind wireless power are obvious. Anyone who has been inconvenienced by wires, cords, and chargers can look forward to charging their devices wirelessly.

Simply place the device on the charging surface and electronics recharge, wirelessly.

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charger in office furniture

charger in office furniture

Helios Wireless Chargers for Office, Residential, and Public Areas

Designed to be an embedded solution for transforming ordinary surfaces into wireless charging zones. Wirelessly charges any Qi-certified devices that require 5 watts or less. Intelligent charging delivers the required amount of power by communicating to the device and stops charging when the device has completed its charging cycle.

Low-Profile Helios Wireless Charger:
Dimensions: .69" H x 3.38" W x 4.50" L
Owner's Manual
Puck Helios Wireless Charger:
Dimensions: 3" Dia. x 1.1" H
Standard Helios Wireless Charger:
Dimensions: 1.31" H x 2.75" W x 2.75" L